Galati Municipality, the first local public authority purchasing energy efficiency services in public buildings

Galati is among the selected municipalities in the pilot program of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), financed by the Global Environment Fund (GEF). The EBRD supports the creation of a market for energy efficiency in the public sector in Romania, to the benefit of the public authorities and providers of these services. The program aims to rehabilitate a number of public buildings with private participation in energy services companies (ESCOs), under an energy performance contract.

The pilot program supported by the EBRD provides free technical assistance to municipalities selected to prepare energy efficiency projects in public buildings (kindergartens, schools, hospitals). Subsequently the pilot phase, the program may be extended to other interested municipalities to implement energy efficiency projects in public buildings, according to the new legislation.

Currently, the project is in the phase of selecting the ESCOs, which will provide energy efficiency services for selected public buildings.