Ukraine Institutional sector

Public bodies
The main body which is providing the implementation of the state policy in the sphere of effective application of fuel and power resources, energy-saving, renewable power sources and alternative kinds of fuel is theState Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine. It is set up according to the Decree of President of Ukraine on April 13, 2011 No. 462/2011 [1].  more

The State Research Institute of Building Structures [1]:
• research and testing of building structures for thermal performance of building materials and their thermophysical characteristics;
• research and testing of construction products (materials, products) for thermal, acoustic and lighting performance, including certification and qualification testing;
• revision and development of normative documents in the field of building physics; more

 The Research Institute of Building Production [2]:

  • construction and installation works on waterproofing and sealing constructions, installation and repair of roofs, insulation of building structures and pipelines, installation and repair of floors;
  • design works, scientific and technical consultations on the design and reconstruction of cellular concrete plants, designing security systems and life support buildings and structures, design of automated systems for monitoring and management of security and life support of buildings and structures (smart house);
  • certification of polymer building materials (sealants, sealing, roofing, waterproofing, mastic and roll);

 The Research and Design Institute of Municipal Services [3]:

  • development of technologies, schemes and solutions for the construction, development and optimization of water supply systems in general, as well as their individual elements (water treatment plants, water intake facilities, distribution networks), selection of equipment, development of recommendations for technological optimization;
  • development of optimization schemes of centralized water supply and sanitation;
  • design and estimate documentation, feasibility of construction, engineering design for the construction, reconstruction and development of water treatment plants, individual buildings, processing schemes wash water disinfection systems, pumping stations, pipelines, and the like;
  • regional and local development programs of water supply systems;
  • calculation of tariffs for water supply, water consumption standards for the population, individual technological standards for the use of water by water companies and housing organizations and other legal documents of water supply and sanitation sector.

“Ukrniivodokanalproekt” [4]:
• development of designs for the reconstruction of water supply and sanitation;
• development of schemes of complex use and protection of water resources;
• performing the functions of basic and territorial organization in building water supply and sanitation structures, as well as the functions of the secretariat of the technical standardization committee TK 306 “Engineering networks”;
• engineering surveys and supervision of building water supply and wastewater systems;
• development and support of regulations for the design, construction and operation of water supply and wastewater systems.

The Ukrainian State Head Research and Production Institute of Engineering and Environmental Surveys [5]:
• development of design and technical solutions for internal and external engineering networks and systems (water supply, sewerage, electricity);
• environmental assessment of designs;
• environmental audits;
• providing environmental engineering, environmental and legal consultations;
• assessment of impact on the environment for any entity of economic activity and investment projects;
• construction and installation of structures of internal and external engineering networks and systems (water, electricity, sewage, automation and instrumentation);
• scientific and technical assessment of projects.

The State Research and Design Institute “NDIproektrekonstruktsiya”.
The Institute is appointed the head organization for reconstruction of residential houses of the first mass series by the decision of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Construction Committee of Ukraine from 11.05.98, No. 62 and the order of the Construction Committee of Ukraine from 25.10.00, No. 242 [6]:
• design of the construction, reconstruction and repair of various facilities;
• inspection of the technical conditions of buildings, individual rooms, structural elements and engineering networks in order to determine the necessity and possibility of their reconstruction, strengthening, repair, dismantling and demolition.

The Ukrainian State Research Institute of the Problems of Water Supply, Water Removal and Environmental Protection “UkrVODGEO” [7]:
• inspection and certification of the technical condition of buildings, structures and utilities, water supply systems and drainage, storage, development of recommendations to improve the efficiency of their operation;
• compilation of EIA section;
• development of regulations of water use, determination of the maximum allowable discharges and emissions;
• design work on utility lines and storm water systems, household, industrial sewage, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning.

The Ukrainian Scientific-Research and Design Institute of building materials and products “NIISMI” [8]:
• development of building insulation systems from domestic materials;
• implementation of physical, chemical, technical testing of raw materials and construction materials;
• performing certification testing of building materials and products;
• independent examination of building materials;
• acting as a base organization of scientific and technological activities in the building materials industry and the functions of the secretariat of TK 305 “Construction materials and products”.

The Ukrainian Zonal Research and Design Institute of Civil Engineering [9]:
• development of new architectural design and technology, external decoration and energy saving systems of civil engineering;
• development and introduction of new efficient low-power, heat-saving design solutions and systems of various levels of comfort for conventional and complex construction conditions;
• surveys, followed by reconstruction of residential and public buildings;
• development of energy-efficient building services and facilities;
• expert consultations on the implementation of architectural planning, design and engineering solutions of buildings and facilities in accordance with the existing regulations.

The Research and Design Institute of Urban Planning [10]:
• development of construction, reconstruction, expansion and conversion of existing buildings and structures;
• expertise of the planning documentation.
The structure of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine consists of several institutions whose scientific activities are aimed at improving the use of energy resources, renewable energy and alternative fuels, develop and implement of energy efficiency measures for construction and housing.

The main research institutes and the works which they do in the field of energy conservation are as follows:
V. Ye. Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics [11]:
• development and introduction of energy-saving LED sources of light and illumination systems;
• semiconductor solar power engineering to be used on earth and in space.
The Institute of Thermoelectricity [12]:
• development of the fundamentals of thermoelectric transformation;
• the technology of the use of new fuels, waste energy resources, renewable and alternative energy sources;
• new substances and materials for energy conversion.
The Institute of Engineering Thermophysics [13]:
• development of the theory of thermal processes for entities of industrial and municipal energy system, analysis of strategic options for the modernization of these sectors;
• development of scientific principles and methods to improve fuel efficiency in the energy sector by means of the combined production of heat and electricity in heat providing systems; more
The A.N. Podgorny Institute for Mechanical Engineering Problems [14]:
• optimization of processes in power machinery and improvement of equipment design;
• energy saving technologies and non-conventional power engineering facilities;
• predicting the reliability, dynamic strength and life of power equipment;
• simulation and computer technologies in power machine building.
 The Institute of Electrodynamics [15]:
• study of the methods for improving energy efficiency of the systems of conversion and consumption of electrical energy;
• modeling and software development for control systems and electric frequency converters;
• study of the methods for improving energy efficiency of autonomous general and special purpose electrical plants at the expense of the use of new types of generators and generating systems;
• creation of energy and resource saving electromechanical systems based on asynchronous motors designed taking into account load characteristics;
• study of a new generation of electromechanical energy converters with electronic control for use in power generation, automation, utilities and special-purpose machinery.
The Pukhov Institute for Modeling in Energy Engineering [16]:
• development of the methods and means of computer simulation to solve the problems of the analysis, identification, synthesis and management of the study and design of energy processes and objects, as well as other classes of dynamical systems;
• development of mathematical, econometric and computer models for solving organizational management in the energy sector; more
“The Institute of General Energy [17]:
• forecasting the development of power engineering, energy supply and energy systems, analysis and optimization of the energy complex, sectoral and regional energy systems and energy balances, the creation of information and forecasting software;
• study of the problems of the structural energy development in Ukraine, the key directions of the development of its energy sector with the environment in mind, the formation of energy balances and optimization of the volume of imports and exports of energy resources; more
The Gas Institute [18]:
•development of basic fundamentals for increasing natural gas and alternative heat carriers effectiveness use as the basis for new energy- and resource saving technologies creation;
• research of applied combustion theory, thermodynamic, interface heat- and mass exchange and new heat- and technological processes and equipment development on this basis;
• research in the environment protection, creation of atmosphere air protection from pollution, thermal neutralization of solid domestic waste and dangerous materials and wastes.
The Institute for Renewable Energy [19]:
• the improvement of energy supply systems efficiency and non-traditional energy sources complex utilization;
• reliability improvement in electricity and heat supply systems operation taking into account various energy accumulation systems utilization;
•mathematic modeling of the processes in complex energy supply systems and their separate elements for rational choice of parameters and features of energy supply systems and their operational modes; more
The Inter-Agency Department of Electrochemical Energy [20]:
development of scientific foundations of new ion-conducting electrode materials and heat storage materials;
• creation of new electrochemical, thermoelectric, thermal energy converters and energy storage.
The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources has authority over the Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Ecological Problems, which provides scientific and technical activities in the following areas [21]:
• expert and environmental activities, environmental audit;
• development of supporting documents to obtain permits for emissions of pollutants into the air;
• development of the environmental programs at various levels, schemes to justify environmental measures, the definition of sources and amounts of funding.
The structure of the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine includes a state self-supporting enterprise “Certification test center of heating equipment” which operates in the state system of certification of products in Ukraine [22].
It is considered the main in the direction of regulatory support in the heating industry; it conducts certification, acceptance, periodic qualification tests of heating equipment for the domestic and foreign production, including:
• testing the heating equipment using gaseous, liquid and solid fuels;
• testing stoves, heaters, radiators, convectors, dryers, cooking equipment;
• testing stop and control valves for water systems and gas supply;
• testing of products in the “ГОСТ Р” Certification for decisions Russian certification bodies.
The structure of the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine also includes the Scientific Research Center “STANKOCERT” which is authorized by the Ukrainian State Standard Organization to perform certification testing and issue production and quality systems certificates. “STANKOCERT” is authorized to perform the accreditation of the following [23]:
• gas and air compressors, filters, pumps, ventilators and exhaust chambers, dust collectors and filters;
• lighting units;
• refrigerators, heat-exchanging equipment and their elements;
• devices for food preparation and liquid heating; more