Services & Products & Systems in Ukraine

 Construction materials

Name/Title Contact details Brief description
LLC “Plant Severodonetsky insulation products” tel.: +38056 371-05-42
tel.: +38067 630-82-78
fax/tel.: +38056 371-05-43
Range of products for insulating building: mats mineral and basalt building specifications; mats sewed insulation of superfine basalt fiber; mineral wool-fat; mats insulation of the super basalt fiber to a metal grid.
“The Plant of Insulation fax/tel.: +3804497 6-33-37
tel.: +3804497 6-33-38
tel.: +3804497 6-33-39
Range of products: soft heat-insulation boards, rigid heat-insulation boards, stitched basalt mats.
TERMOLIFE tel.: +38057 784-19-19
tel.: +38057 784-19-01
Range of products: sound- and heat-insulation of light walls and roof structures, facade heat insulation, heat-insulation for sandwich-panels, mineral wool rolls.
Evrobud fax/tel.: +3803249 4-29-41
tel.: +3803249 4-76-70
The Company manufactures a wide assortment of polystyrene boards for sound- and heat-insulation.
LLS Vik Bud Trade fax/tel.: +38044 501-70-36
tel.: +38044 233-23-23
tel.: +38067 402-90-25
The Company manufactures a wide assortment of polystyrene boards for heat-insulation.
Sonant Private Enterprise fax/tel.: +38048 740-19-49
tel.: +38048 740-19-50
tel.: +38048 740-19-48
The Company manufactures a wide assortment of polystyrene boards for heat-insulation and foam polystyrene thermohouse blocks.
LLC “Termpak” tel.: +38044 228-52-88
tel.: +38044 450-51-14
tel.: +38044 450-40-44
The Company manufactures a wide assortment of polystyrene boards for heat-insulation and foam polystyrene thermohouse blocks.
“РОСЬ-ПЛАСТ” tel.: +38044 353-33-66
The Company manufactures a wide assortment of polystyrene boards for heat-insulation.
Rubezhansky Pipe Plant1 tel.: +3806453 6-40-23
Range of products: pipes for gas and water supply made of polyethylene PE-80, PE-100, sewage pipes made of polyethylene.
LLC “Interplast”1 fax.: +38062 345-44-77
tel.: +38062 385-93-43
The Company manufactures plastic pipes and fitting systems for internal and external sewerage.
Kalush Pipe Plant tel.: +3803472 7-96-99
tel.: +3803472 7-95-99
fax.: +3803472 7-94-99
Range of products: polyethylene water pipes, polyethylene pipes for gas, unplasticized polyvinylchloride pipes and fittings for cold water, PVC pipes for sewerage.
Brovary Plastics Plant tel.: +3804494 92-555
fax.: +3804494 50-242
Range of products: NPVC pressure pipes and fittings for drinking water supply, NPVC pipes for underground sewer systems, NPVC pipes for electric wiring reinforcement, polyethylene pipes for transportation of water, gas and other technical needs.
PJSC “Sizakor”2 fax/tel.: +380652 500-728
tel.: +380652 500-729
Range of products: pipes for gas and water supply made of polyethylene PE-80, PE-100; polypropylene pipes for hot and cold water.
LLC “Rozma” fax/tel.: +380372 55-98-81
tel.: +38050 385-03-93
The Company manufactures polypropylene pipes and fittings for water supply and heating.
Energoresurs-Invest Corporation tel.: +38032 225-54-37
fax.: +38032 225-54-39
The Corporation produces: a whole range of steel pipes and shaped components thermally insulated with foamed polyurethane; pipes, shaped components, joining parts made of polyethylene (PE-80, PE-100).
LLC “First Pipe Plant” fax/tel.: +38044 419-39-43
tel.: +38044 464-92-49, +38044 464-84-35
LLC “First Pipe Plant” manufactures: steel pipes insulated with foam polyurethane, coated with polyethylene sheath for underground trenchless laying and zinc-coated; the entire range of foam polyurethane insulated parts for steel pipelines.
LLC “Teploenergoresurs” tel.: +38044 561-05-25
tel.: +38063 744-99-99
tel.: +38096 074-00-00
Range of products: steel pipes insulated with polyurethane foam in plastic or galvanized shells; polyethylene pipes, insulated in polyethylene or galvanized shells for hot water and heating, molded elements to them.
Roofing Materials Plant “Akvaizol” fax/tel.: +38057 783-71-20
fax/tel.: +38057 783-71-22
“Akvaizol” manufactures 34 kinds of polymer-modified bituminous materials for roofing and waterproofing works.
“Iso-Lit” Company tel.: +38067 656-25-25
tel.: +38067 249-88-17
fax.: +38044 501-84-25
“Iso-Lit” Company produces roofing materials, waterproofing materials, bituminous mastics.
LLC “Budservice” Plant tel.: +38068 144-88-66
fax/tel.: +380342 52-28-21
Manufacturer of metal tile and roof profile
LLC “Arsenal-Center” tel.: +38044 454-47-47
LLC “Arsenal-Center” produces: metal tile; profiled sheeting for walls; profiled sheeting for roofing; wall and roof sandwich panels.

1 The company is located in a zone of war actions
2 The company is located on the occupied territory of Crimea

B) Electromechanical

Name/Title Contact details Brief description
Ivano-Frankovsk Valve Plant Open Joint-Stock Company fax/tel.: +380342 77-53-60
fax/tel.: +38056 370-35-44
fax/tel.: +38056 370-31-00
The Company manufactures pipeline valves for enterprises of power industry, oil and gas complex, chemical industry, metallurgy and water supply.
LLC “Lugansk Plant Pipeline Valves “Marshal”1 tel.: +380642 599-777
fax: +380642 64-41-55
Range of products: ball valves; butterfly valves; filters reticulated; flanges
Joint-Stock Company Promarmatura tel.: +380562 35-66-01
tel.: +380562 35-66-34
Range of products: gate valves, stop-cocks, steam traps, stop-control armature which are made of usual and corrosion-proof brands of steel, cast-iron, brass, in a big range of diameters, pressure, temperatures and working environments.
LLC “Valve Plant “Admiral”” tel.: +38056 370-71-60
fax/tel.: +38056 770-87-69
Range of products: wedge stamped steel valves; butterfly gates; steel clack valves
Concern “SouzEnergo” tel.: +380569 380-160
tel.: +38056 795-15-20
fax: +38056 795-15-17
fax: +380569 380-164
Range of products: welded and cast stop valve and controlling (valves, gates) for gas pipelines, water and steam; general purpose pipeline valve; power pipeline valves; valves for oil and gas industry; valves for the atomic stations
LLC “KYARM – CEN” tel.: +38044 451-68-35
tel.: +38067 232-37-35
tel.: +38068 354-33-33
fax: +38044 591-08-38
Range of products: pressure regulators for heating systems, hot and cold water supply; combined differential pressure and temperature regulators; regulators of heat consumption; regulators of temperature in hot water systems; two-channel electronic temperature regulators.
LLC “PROMPRIBOR” tel.: +38057 759-77-13
tel.: +38057 376-77-18
tel.: +38057 764-30-01
fax: +38057 376-77-18
LLC “PROMPRIBOR” produces the devices for: measurement and pressure control, level measurement and control, measurement and control of temperature, measurement and flow (rate) control.
LLC “K.V.M. Water and Heat Meters Plant” tel.: +38044 456-98-00
tel.: +38044 456-03-66
fax: +38044 456-32-84
The Company produces water and heat meters.
“Sempal” Firm fax/tel.: +38044 239-21-97
fax/tel.: +38044 239-21-98
Firm develops and manufactures multifunctional high-precision ultrasonic heat-flow meters, temperature controllers and also other devices and software for energy saving.
“Termoprylad” Science and Production Company tel.: +38032 263-03-08
tel.: +38032 263-21-14
fax: +38032 263-13-61
Company produces: thermocouples of resistance; thermoelectrical couples; digital thermometers; temperature controllers; temperature signaler; pyrometers; hygrometers and air humidity controllers.
Company JV “Ukrinterm” fax/tel.: +3804563 3-39-91
fax/tel.: +3804563 9-73-23
Company produces: gas heating boiler system; hot water supply module; gas floorstanding and wall boilers; pumping stations; individual heat substations; gas regulatory substations.
“ROSS” Company fax/tel.: +38057 775-80-50
tel.: +38050 400-46-63
tel.: +38067 570-14-67
Company produces: heating equipment, refrigerating equipment, gas control devices, gas regulatory stations and gas fittings
Private Joint Stock Company “Plant “Mayak” tel.: +3805747 30861
tel.: +3805747 30868
fax: +3805747 30869
Company produces: gas water heaters; gas heating boilers; cast iron sectional boilers; wall mounted electric boilers.
LLC «ATON Group» fax/tel.: +38044 499-60-60
Company produces: hot water gas boilers; hot water fire-tube gas boilers; solid fuel boilers; block-transportable boilers.
LLC “Zhitomirteplomash” fax/tel.: +380412 41-88-60
tel.: +380412 25-99-15
Company produces: floor-mounted gas boilers; floor-mounted solid fuel boilers; dual electric and gas, floor-mounted boilers.
LLC “PRESS” tel.: +38044 456-13-93
tel.: +38044 456-14-47
LLC “PRESS” produces: bimetallic panel radiators; bimetallic gilled radiators; sectional steel radiators.
LLC “Litiz” tel.: +380532 22-26-87
tel.: +380532 53-61-85
LLC “Litiz” produces bimetallic radiators
LLC “MAKSITERM” tel.: +38057 759-79-70
fax: +38057 720-29-77
LLC “MAKSITERM” produces: panel radiators of convector type; sectional radiators of convector type; tube-type radiators.
PJSC “Mirnodolinskiy Experimental Plant”1 tel.: +38050 472-12-55
fax: +38050 369-43-83
Producing of the non-standard equipment, heat exchanger, vessels, cyclones, counter-swirling flows and air collectors, brewing equipment.
“Fakel” PJSC fax/tel.: +38044 332-07-07
fax/tel.: +3804565 6-67-60
fax/tel.: +3804565 6-67-62
Company produces: jacket-pipe heat exchangers; heat exchangers of type «pipe in the pipe»; steam-water high-capacity water heaters; water-water heaters for heat supply system; vapor condensers; flash steam coolers of vacuum deaerators.
“Pavlogradchimmach Plant” fax/tel.: 3805632 6-15-04
tel.: 3805632 6-30-95
Company produces: plate heat exchangers; shell and tube heat exchangers; deaerator tanks; sections of the air coolers.
“Ankor-Teploenergo” company tel.: +38057 719-37-91
tel.: +38057 719-37-93
+38 (057) 719 37 92
Company produces: gasketed plate heat exchangers, welded heat exchangers with all-welded hull and folding, spiral heat exchangers, individual heating units, extraction-distillation unit.
“Snyazhnyanskchimmach”1 fax/tel.: +38062 333-76-75
tel.: 38062 333-79-21
fax/tel.: +3806256 5-37-11
Company produces: steam and water-water heaters for heat networks and hot water systems; double-pipe heat exchangers; shell-and-tube heat exchangers.
PJSC “Severodonetsky Boiler Mechanical Plant”1 tel.: +3806452) 4-14-87
fax: +380645 71-21-38
Company produces: water-water and steam heaters for heat networks and hot water systems; vertical water heaters; deaerator tanks; vapor coolers; steam-water storage heaters.

1 The company is located in a zone of war actions

  1. C) Renewable energy systems
Name/Title Contact details Brief description
LLC “Afros”1 tel.: +7978 726-47-40
tel.: +7978 726-47-39
LLC “Afros” produces: flat solar copper-tube collectors; vacuum heat pipe-based solar collectors; U-shaped vacuum tube-based solar collectors.
“Kvazar” PJSC tel.: +38044 205-34-00
“Kvazar” PJSC produces different types of solar systems for power supply of residential and public facilities, shopping and industrial premises, and also mobile and stationary solar power systems and installations of special purpose.
“Atmosfera” Company fax/tel.: +38044 545-71-04
tel.: +38050 440-01-74
Company manufactures vacuum solar collectors, flat-plate solar collectors and thermosiphon solar collectors.

1 The company is located on the occupied territory of Crimea.