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BSBEEP 4th Steering Committee Meeting of the countries under the Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Programm 2007-2013 for the development of Energy Efficiency Plan was held in Kavalla, Greece

On July 30-31, 2015  in the framework of the Black Sea Basin Energy Efficiency Project development 2007-2013, 4th Steering Committee Meeting of the countries under the Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Programm 2007-2013 was held in Kavalla, Greece. The conference hosted representatives of Armenia, Greece, Moldova, Romania and Turkey. The meeting was organized by the Municipality of Kavala. During the opening night the mayor of the city greeted the participants, who made their speeches during the conference. A number of questions about the project, especially about the implemented works were discussed during two working days of the conference. The project is considered to be finished soon, so the participants were given requests to clarify the terms of project implementation.  more 

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Mykolayiv: project BSBEEP in action        


2– 2-nd National Conference”Independent thermal power”;
–  10th International Scientific Conference “Problems of ecology and energy saving”;
– 7th All-Ukrainian congress of Teachers HS;
– regional television programs;
– technical meetings with government officials and heads of enterprises and organizations;
– lectures for students and teachers.


  • Department of Culture ;
  • Department of Education.

image-25-04-15-03-02-1Doctor of Technical Sciences Y. Kharytonov at the 2-nd National Conference “Independent thermal power”   

dan 2    7-th All-Ukrainian congress of teachers HS

–       prepared for publishing teachingMaterials on energy saving in buildings;
–       for the first time in the region, atThe National University of Shipbuilding was open training on   specialty “Energy management».

– Development of schematic mapsof heat consumers and the environmental loads of the city.

Galati Municipality, the first local public authority purchasing energy efficiency services in public buildings

Galati is among the selected municipalities in the pilot program of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), financed by the Global Environment Fund (GEF). The EBRD supports the creation of a market for energy efficiency in the public sector in Romania, to the benefit of the public authorities and providers of these services. The program aims to rehabilitate a number of public buildings with private participation in energy services companies (ESCOs), under an energy performance contract.

The pilot program supported by the EBRD provides free technical assistance to municipalities selected to prepare energy efficiency projects in public buildings (kindergartens, schools, hospitals). Subsequently the pilot phase, the program may be extended to other interested municipalities to implement energy efficiency projects in public buildings, according to the new legislation.

Currently, the project is in the phase of selecting the ESCOs, which will provide energy efficiency services for selected public buildings.


Galaţi Local Action Group – BSBEEP POOL Meeting

On 04.02. 2015 the Municipality of Galaţi and „Dunarea de Jos” University organised the 3rd meeting of Local Action Group, with the purpose to inform about the current status of the project and its results and to promote the dialogue among the local authorities, the energy territorial actors (public and private) and citizens.

The main issues discussed were:

  1. The actual stage of Black Sea Buildings Energy Efficiency Plan project activities;
  2. Local Action Plan for Energy Efficiency;
  3. Smart metering systems – Support for energy efficiency.


Figure 1: Mrs. Irina Isac, Responsible for the implementation and reporting from Galati Municipality


Figure 2: Representatives of Galati BSBEEP POOL


Figure 3: Mr. Gelu Gurguiatu, Project Coordinator from Galati „Dunărea de Jos” University


Energy efficiency in Galati

Black Sea Buildings Energy Efficiency Plan project (BSBEEP) and the importance of studies elaborated within it were presented at launch conferences of the following projects developed by the Galati Municipality in Energy Efficiency Programme, Axis I ROP:

  1. Increasing the energy efficiency of residential buildings Y5, Y6 and Y7 for the Association of owners no. 518 in Galati, financed under the Regional Operational Programme, which took place on January 15, 2015;


Figure 1: Mr. Costel Hanţă, Director of Projects and Foreign Financing Department of the Municipality of Galati

  1. Increasing the energy efficiency of residential buildings C11, C12, D8 for the Association of owners no. 257 in Galati, financed under the Regional Operational Programme, which took place on January 21, 2015;IMG_0029

Figure 2: Mr. Costel Hanţă, Director of Projects and Foreign Financing Department of the Municipality of Galati

  1. Increasing the energy efficiency of residential building G10 – the Association of owners no. 380 and residential building X4 for the Association of owners no. 574 in Galati, financed under the Regional Operational Programme, which took place on February 4, 2015.

Figure 3: Mr. Costel Hanţă, Director of Projects and Foreign Financing Department of the Municipality of Galati



On behalf of improvement and content enrichment of the activities made within the framework of BSBEEP project; the grant projects, which are developed for renewable energy system integration in buildings called as “SamSUN Photovoltaic Solar Energy Project” and “Samsun Teknopark Photovoltaic Solar Energy Project” have successfully been approved by Middle Black Sea Regional Development Agency.

These pilot demonstration projects have been also developed by BSBEEP project team of Samsun after starting the BSBEEP project within the scope of vision and strategy of BSBEEP project.

All pilot demonstration projects have an interactive relationship among each other as well as with BSBEEP project, although the pilot demonstration projects have been independently designed, financed and implementing from each other.

The implementation processes for the RES integration pilot demonstration projects will be completed at the same time with BSBEEP project

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The works regarding with improving energy efficiency capabilities within the scope of exterior coating and beautification process of the buildings located on the Çiftlik Street have just begun after one day from the 2014 Local Administration Elections. Infrastructure works has completed at first and then coating process was started. SMM takes very close interest in for the precautions that should be taken to improve storekeepers’ and citizens’ prosper, and works very sensitively on exterior coating process of the buildings.

The final stage of the project regarding to exterior coating process has been reached. The President of Çiftlik Street Conservation and Beautification Association, Mr. Cihat Karahan indicated that the street will take the most beautiful form as shopping center by completing the coating process of buildings located on the street before the end of this year.

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Raising awareness on local stakeholders and citizens on issues of energy efficiency – an important factor for sustainable development of the community

On 6 May 2015, the project “Black Sea Buildings Energy Efficiency Plan – BSBEEP” funded by the Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Programme 2007-2013, by the Municipality of Cahul, Moldova was organized an informational visit for a group of representatives from local government, public institutions managers, construction companies, journalists from Cahul region to RoEnergy Bucharest International Fair – “Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency” with the location of Romexpo (Bucharest, Romania). Continue reading


Study Tour on Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Other Eco Solutions in Buildings in Armenia

YEREVAN, Armenia – Times when it was necessary to travel outside Armenia in order to see examples of modern energy efficient architecture are long gone.

On May 18 – 21, 2015 the AUA Acopian Center for the Environment organized a national study tour on energy efficiency, renewable energy and other eco solutions in buildings for a group composed of municipal workers, builders, academics, and NGO members from Syunik region of Armenia, total 15. The goal of the event was to educate and build momentum with in-country successes to date.

Slide2“To date we have a number of successes and best practices in Armenia with respect to energy efficiency, renewable energy, and overall eco solutions to the built environment. Successes that are acknowledged by world-famous environmental certification agencies and are authenticated by corresponding certifications,” said Mr. Hayk Harutyunyan, deputy minister of RA Ministry of Energy and Natural resources.

The national study tour aimed at showing municipal workers, construction companies, academics, and NGOs of Syunik region of Armenia about successful implementation of Slide3solutions for energy efficiency in buildings; as well as using this national study tour as media content to raise awareness about energy efficiency in buildings nationally and in each city that participants visited. The study tour participants visited the pilot buildings by UNDP, the Avedisyan and Dilijan UWC schools and the Gyumri Caritas rehabilitation center.

“The role of the American University of Armenia and universities overall, should be to collect these practices and experiences and make them accessible and useful for the public,” said Mr. Alen Amirkhanian, director of AUA Acopian Center for the Environment.

Slide4The study tour is being organized within the EU Black Sea Buildings Energy Efficiency Plan (BSBEEP) project, which aims at establishing strong regional partnerships and cooperation among Black Sea countries through the reinforcement of local administrative capacities in the sector of energy efficiency in buildings, a sector with major environmental and economic impacts locally and globally.

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A Public Seminar on Energy Efficiency in AUA

A public seminar “Financing Energy Efficiency in Buildings: Market-Based Instruments and Mechanisms” took place in the American University of Armenia on March 18th, 2015. The seminar was organized in the framework of the “Planning and implementation of actions for raising awareness of local actors on energy issues in daily life” activity of the BSBEEP project.

Energy efficiency policy expert Astghine Pasoyan presented various types of financing mechanisms and instruments appropriate for energy efficiency in buildings, along with some partnership schemes for effective use of these financial instruments. She emphasized market-based solutions and their ability to mobilize large-scale change. She also discussed important lessons learned from successful financing mechanisms in operation today throughout the world.

The public seminar had more than 50 attendees, among which were AUA students, majoring in science and engineering, different experts in energy efficiency field, and government officials represented by the deputy minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Armenia Hayk Harutyunyan.

The seminar was broadcast live by online media outlet CivilNet TV. The link to their coverage is:

The seminar was also recorded by AUA’s two camcorders, the link to the recording is:
Background information about Astghine Pasoyan:

Astghine Pasoyan is a seasoned expert in energy efficiency and a skilled project manager in Southeast European and CIS countries with about twenty years of experience and over $15 million fundraising record and managed project portfolio. Over the past decade has managed energy efficiency (EE) planning and legal reform efforts, market assessment and identification of potential for promotion of energy conservation and efficiency in various sectors of economy, capacity building, development of financing schemes for building EE investments and public outreach. She has acted as principle author for a number of research papers on EE laws and regulations, urban heating and renewable energy, review of 13 country condominium laws, international experience in EE financing, building energy certification and labeling regulations, low-income EE financing schemes, etc. She also managed legal reform and lobbying of heating, EE and renewable energy laws in Ukraine, Armenia and Moldova, National EE Strategy in former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and National EE Action Plans (NEEAPs) in most of the West Balkan countries, Ukraine and Moldova, urban heating policy reviews for most SEE & CIS countries. Experience includes energy saving potential assessment and economic modeling skills, climate change and investment climate for EE and renewable energy in countries in transition, building energy certification and labeling policy, advocacy on EE in residential and public buildings, municipal energy planning. Established four revolving funds assisting housing associations in implementing residential EE projects, and most recently has been helping the INOGATE Energy Saving Initiative in Buildings develop EE lending for condominiums, as well as advised EBRD on feasibility and reform in residential EE lending.