Municipality of Kavala, Greece

Municipality of Kavala is a Leader Partner and Applicant of the project. Municipality of Kavala implemented a lot of project. One of the project dealt with strategic land use management, which is one of the most important topics in determining competitiveness, attractiveness and sustainability across European cities and regions. The project focused on both the strategic level (strategic planning methods, process of cooperation between public and private bodies, fiscal measures and observation tools) and the operational level (actions plans related to case studies) of land use management; furthermore the project elaborated strategies, methods, tools and practical recommendations. The project was implemented by a transnational partnership with other cities and organizations from 5 different EU countries. The other project is “ Mobility Management o Ver Europe” MMOVE which supports interregional exchange on sustainable mobility policies for medium sized European cities (populations 50-250,000). Through networking, analysis of best practice and a series of Study Visits MMOVE will raise the level of knowledge and awareness of mobility management innovations. Ultimately MMOVE aims to influence regional authority policy-making by providing mobility management solutions which will help small and medium sized cities make best use of their mobility infrastructure and services. Good practice and findings will be collated and classified in a coherent way in the form of a permanent online toolbox for municipalities and transport planners across Europe. Results will also include presentation of critical success factors in transferring mobility interventions across EU regions, to help similar cities to share in the learning. The project “From army to entrepreneurship” aims at developing economic growth and diversification, through specific measures to support the conversion of military brown fields into Business Support Centres(BSC) or Incubators(BI) in regions, where the promotion of entrepreneurial spirit and the creation of innovative firms represent pivotal assets for the local economy and where the rehabilitation of military brown fields is a priority of the regional/local agenda of the administrations. To reach the project goal all the activities will involve both the strategic (public administrations, RDAs and other regional/national Institutions) and the operational level (Informest, CDCAS,ZCFEP, Drama Chamber of Commerce) of the partnership. Integrated vertical, horizontal and transnational cooperation, active involvement of target groups and stakeholders and cross-sectoral activities envisaged are the approach to ensure the best result from the rehabilitation of military brown fields into BI/BSCs and to give sustainability to the action. Activities expected have follow up national investments and can be summarised as follows: definition and application of models on property disposal and restructuring of ex military assets; mapping and assessments of military brown fields; analysis of economic and entrepreneurial context; setting up of strategies to foster entrepreneurship; pilot actions, feasibility studies, operational plans and investment projects on rehabilitation and transformation of military brown fields into BSC/BI; incisive dissemination action.