Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey,

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality is a IPA Lead Partner and is carrying out several Project under the title of environmental protection, transportation, infrastructure. Project, social and cultural activity environmental planning and landscape. In this context the example projects which is carried out by our foundation is presented below; Contract has been signed with the contractor on the date of 17.09.2010 for gain of methane gas energy stock of solid waste.

  • Now infrastructure of electric production is done. A machine has installed which has the capacity of 1.24 MW electricity production.
  • Almost to get permission Energy Market Regulators Authority (EMRA). Our planning start of August 2011 for 1.2 MW generation of energy.
  • This Project planning is maximum electric production in 13-15 year 4,5-5MWh

Samsun has traffic density from east-west in black sea coast. In this context public transportation need modern transportation vehicle. Because of We made light rail system Project.

  • Light Rail System installed from Samsun center between Ondokuzmayıs University 15.700m.
  • First step we envisaged 90.000 passanger with 16 vehicle capacity.

We created like Amazon fable areas. Also Amazon island has Amazon woman statue and Amazon canal by sea artifical Island.
General objective is to provide additive contribution to increase the region employment by creating a new job opportunities related on the production of ecological toys.