Municipality of Cahul, Moldova

The Municipality of Cahul has progressively developed in recent years a considerable experience in managing EU funded projects. Below are two very different but characteristic examples:

Project TACIS CITIES AWARD SCHEME: Environmental protection through selective collection of garbage.

General objective: Environmental improvement and public awareness on selective waste collection and recycling in Cahul and Cantemir cities.

  • purchase of 250 garbage containers
  • purchase of a excavator
  • editing a newsletter
  • Web page design

Understanding autism

General objective: Strengthening cross-border cooperation, involved the development of welfare systems in the city of Galati and Cahul town to answer the needs of children with autism spectrum disorders.


  • organizing an information campaign on the needs of people with autism
  • training of 20 specialists in the field of autism from Galati and Cahul cities establishment of two local advisory centers for autism problems in Galati and Cahul cities